Little boots for the girls

I chanced upon a DIY pack for miniature leather boots at Daiso some time ago, i just wanted to learn the pattern so I just have to grab it. XD

It is pretty easy to make, saddle stitching is interesting, it took awhile. I used my own artificial leather instead in case I mess it up, will try again with the artificial leather the pack provided. The pattern from this pack is slightly big at the feet area and the base is too soft to keep the shape, so there are some tweaking needed if I am to use this pattern for the girls.

The boot on the right leg was done quite awhile ago, I love those tiny eyelets! That pattern is harder to make though since it involves hemming.

Update on my painful elbow.
I have been resting for a week from knitting now. The pain has reduced by about 70%, my elbow isn’t as tight now. Hopefully my elbow will recover soon and I can resume to some knitting with stretching exercises in between to avoid this happening again. Luckily crochet doesn’t give me such pain.


Sewing doll’s clothes

Sadly, I think I’ve developed knitter’s or tennis elbow. :-\  Sharp pain has developed on my right forearm near the elbow… It is painful to even use chopsticks or spoon during meal time so I am taking a break from knitting.

It is coming close to 2 weeks now, I’m resting up but still doing some stuff here and that like light sewing.

In my previous post I mentioned that I sucked at sewing doll’s clothes, I just wanted to try it again. I used some t-shirts that my friends donated to me for crafting purposes and also some fabrics I bought from my Japan trip, so glad that the materials are really easy to sew with. Umeko has been busy being my model heh…

Her painted feet are getting sticky even after I clean them and the paint is starting to worn off. I hope I can remove the paint or something…

Pic 1 : I dug up some mini felt animals from my old old stash of crafts. They are Pocket Friends! I used to make little pocket bunnies for Blythes, they were delightful ❤ I am glad I still have some of them left.

Pic 2 : More of an artistic shot featuring the fabric play on the dress. These are all very new to me but I’ve always envy doll tailors who sew them very well. 🙂 I really like working with t-shirt material~ ❤

Pic 3 : Sail with Umeko~ Cute nautical theme going on there. ^^

Pic 4 : Not doll photo haha I went to queue for McCafe’s Nanoblock toy when it launched on Monday. I’m not a person who loves queueing but I’d do it for my husband’s collection 😛 The queue wasn’t super long but still better to get there earlier, when the special edition McDonald’s Nanoblock set came out last week, it was sold out within an hour. That’s a little crazy. :-\ Everyone was rushing and the queue system was a mess.

Petite Blythe Knitted Headband Pattern


Umeko has come out to play~ Sewing doll’s clothes is something really difficult to me, my fingers don’t agree with it but I will keep trying. Meanwhile I knitted a dress for her and a headband which I will be sharing the pattern. 😀 The pattern for the dress derived from Stitch Journal’s free pattern. I made appropriate adjustments to suit the lace yarn and needle size and opted out on the long sleeves +o+ they are kind of hard to knit. I will try again next time. Hehe..


Umeko’s hair is quite out of hand haha making a headband kind of help tame it a little. Came up with this knitting pattern and thought I’d like to share it.

Needle: 2.5mm
Yarn: 4 ply acrylic yarn

CO 10 sts
Row 1~6: Knit for 6 rows (for Garter stitch)
Row 7: Purl (Row 7 & 8 is Stockinette stitch)
Row 8: Knit
Repeat from Row 1 to Row 8 for 7 times or until the headband is about 10cm long.
Bind off and leave enough yarn to sew 2 ends together.

Headband bow area decorative piece
CO 6 sts
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Repeat Row 1 – 2 until Row 14 and bind off leave enough yarn to sew the ends together.
Place the bow piece at where the headband joins to cover the stitches and sew the 2 ends of bow piece together.