Petite Blythe Knitted Headband Pattern


Umeko has come out to play~ Sewing doll’s clothes is something really difficult to me, my fingers don’t agree with it but I will keep trying. Meanwhile I knitted a dress for her and a headband which I will be sharing the pattern. 😀 The pattern for the dress derived from Stitch Journal’s free pattern. I made appropriate adjustments to suit the lace yarn and needle size and opted out on the long sleeves +o+ they are kind of hard to knit. I will try again next time. Hehe..


Umeko’s hair is quite out of hand haha making a headband kind of help tame it a little. Came up with this knitting pattern and thought I’d like to share it.

Needle: 2.5mm
Yarn: 4 ply acrylic yarn

CO 10 sts
Row 1~6: Knit for 6 rows (for Garter stitch)
Row 7: Purl (Row 7 & 8 is Stockinette stitch)
Row 8: Knit
Repeat from Row 1 to Row 8 for 7 times or until the headband is about 10cm long.
Bind off and leave enough yarn to sew 2 ends together.

Headband bow area decorative piece
CO 6 sts
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Repeat Row 1 – 2 until Row 14 and bind off leave enough yarn to sew the ends together.
Place the bow piece at where the headband joins to cover the stitches and sew the 2 ends of bow piece together.


Knitted Mandarin Oranges


Happy Lunar New Year! This is a good start for a new year, to create knitted amigurumi instead of crochet ones. It had been something I want to overcome with knitting. Last year I crochet a pair of tiny mandarin oranges as decoration in my living room, this year, I want to make a pair by knitting. Blessed with countless useful knitting tutorials online, I found Yarn Birdy’s tutorial on how to knit a ball, the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow especially when I am very new to knitting in the round with double ends needles.


After binding off the knitted balls, thread the yarn through the middle of the ball from the top to the bottom and pull tight until the height of the ball is shorter both side and then tie a knot and weave in the loose yarn.

Since I am stacking my oranges one on top of the other I did not weave my yarn or hide the end knot. (refer to photo above, the knot is visible on top of the orange on the right)

I only have 25cm needles, not knowing that there are even shorter double end needles so I struggled a little. Haha I can’t wait to purchase a set of shorter needles I found online at 13cm but since I bought a set of steel needles and another set of wooden ones previously why not cut the wooden ones into half instead of getting new ones.


2.5mm needles. Probably not the nicest carving and sanding result… X’D But they work fine~