Little boots for the girls

I chanced upon a DIY pack for miniature leather boots at Daiso some time ago, i just wanted to learn the pattern so I just have to grab it. XD

It is pretty easy to make, saddle stitching is interesting, it took awhile. I used my own artificial leather instead in case I mess it up, will try again with the artificial leather the pack provided. The pattern from this pack is slightly big at the feet area and the base is too soft to keep the shape, so there are some tweaking needed if I am to use this pattern for the girls.

The boot on the right leg was done quite awhile ago, I love those tiny eyelets! That pattern is harder to make though since it involves hemming.

Update on my painful elbow.
I have been resting for a week from knitting now. The pain has reduced by about 70%, my elbow isn’t as tight now. Hopefully my elbow will recover soon and I can resume to some knitting with stretching exercises in between to avoid this happening again. Luckily crochet doesn’t give me such pain.